Junior Freestyle Ju-Jitsu

IMG_1425Juniors Age Groups: from Prep to Grade 6 (5-12 years)

Freestyle Ju-Jitsu: 5-6pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

During school holidays, juniors are welcome to attend the seniors sessions to hone their skills.

Parents and students have found that the Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sessions on Tuesdays complement the Japanese Ju-Jitsu progression.

Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu at NMMA

Our Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu is a no-nonsense adaptation of pure Japanese Ju-Jitsu – less flourish – more definite action.

Our Juniors learn Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu techniques in a fun “non-contact” environment.

Our combination of warm-ups, technique instruction, sparring and fun games (with a skill-based subtext) have the kids coming back for more.

Training occurs between peers of different sizes, between different genders and between students and seniors, all with the intention of preparing our students for encounters against any opponent, any time.

Grading and Competition

Juniors can progress from white belt all the way through black belt and be coached for competition if they have their eyes on gold.

Students are trained in:

  • Body defense: covering vital organs, reducing impact via controlled falls and rolls.Kids class is going off tonight great to see you all here braving the cold
  • Attack and Retreat: appropriate use of punches, elbows, knees and kicks to attack and retreat.
  • Holds: a large variety of holds (and counters) from finger locks to arm bars.
  • Throws: Controlling the opponent by taking them off balance and getting them on the ground.
  • Grappling: Grappling and wrestling designed to restrain and incapacitate an opponent once the are on the ground – the end of most fights.
  • Weapon Defense: techniques to use, avoid, neutralise and disarm against common weapons such as clubs, knives and chains.


Among the variety of instructors training the Juniors in Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu at Northern Mixed Martial Arts, these are regulars:

What is Japanese Ju-Jitsu?

Japanese Jujutsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon. The word jujutsu is often spelled as jujitsu or ju-jitsu. It is also known as Japanese ju-jitsu.

“Ju” can be translated to mean “gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding.” “Jutsu” can be translated to mean “art” or “technique” and represents manipulating the opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force. Jujutsu developed among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon, or only a short weapon. Because striking against an armored opponent proved ineffective, practitioners learned that the most efficient methods for neutralizing an enemy took the form of pins, joint locks, and throws. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker’s energy against him, rather than directly opposing it.

There are many variations of the art, which leads to a diversity of approaches. Jujutsu schools may utilize all forms of grappling techniques to some degree (i.e. throwing, trapping, joint locks, holds, gouging, biting, disengagements, striking, and kicking). In addition to jujutsu, many schools teach the use of weapons.

Today, jujutsu is practiced in both traditional and modern sport forms. Derived sport forms include the Olympic sport and martial art of judo, which was developed by Kan? Jigor? in the late 19th century from several traditional styles of jujutsu, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which was in turn derived from earlier (pre–World War II) versions of Kodokan judo. (source)

NMMA’s Junior Freestylers in Action

Gallery of Juniors on the Mats and in Competitions

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    • Hey Sarn,
      Matt will be finalising the timetable over the next couple of weeks, at which point we will post it up here & on the facebook pages.

      The dojo will be open Tuesday – Thursday during January, and back into full swing come February.

      Feel free to give Matt a call on 0414 410 074 if you have any further questions.

    • Hi Sarn, I’m pleased to let you know that the 1st term timetable has been finalised.

      Classes begin in earnest Monday February 3rd.

      You can see the Juniors timetable here, or check out the Timetable page for the full range of sessions for Juniors and adults

      Cheers, Snowy

  1. Hi Jacinta,
    that would depend on whether they were doing Mini-MMA, or Juniors (Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu &/or Muay Thai Kickboxing).
    Mini-MMa is $22.50 per fortnight.
    Juniors is $40.00
    You can see more details on our Fees page.

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