“We don’t train to start fights…
We train to end fights!”

Our philosophy in training children is about building strength, confidence and discipline.

We teach skills in self defense, and prepare our students for competition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu if they desire to compete.

We don’t train to start fights…

We train in the Art of fighting, we include discipline as a fundamental component.

  • Discipline to train.
  • Discipline to only use the techniques learned in self defense, training, grading or competition.

…We train to end fights!

At some point in everyone’s life we are confronted by an aggressor. Whether this is a random schoolyard incident, intimidation by a bully, physical or sexual assault on the streets, train or sports venue.

What happens in the first 15 seconds of that encounter is crucial for sending a message to potential aggressors and as importantly for defining self worth.

We train our students to end an attack within seconds, sending a clear message to the aggressor (and any companions) that future assaults will not be tolerated and will be quickly dealt with.

Non-contact Street-Style

Junior Freestyle Ju-Jitsu

Junior Japanese Ju-Jitsu @ Northern Mixed Martial Arts & Fit2Fight Epping VictoriaOur Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu is a no-nonsense adaptation of pure Japanese Ju-Jitsu – less flourish – more definite action.

Our Juniors learn Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu techniques in a fun “non-contact” environment.

Our combination of warm-ups, technique instruction, sparring and fun games (with a skill-based subtext) have the kids coming back for more.

Juniors can progress from white belt all the way through black belt and be coached for competition if they have their eyes on gold.

Training occurs between peers of different sizes, between different genders and between students and seniors, all with the intention of preparing our students for encounters against any opponent, any time.

Students are trained in:

  • Body defense: covering vital organs, reducing impact via controlled falls and rolls.
  • Attack and Retreat: appropriate use of punches, elbows, knees and kicks to attack and retreat.
  • Holds: a large variety of holds (and counters) from finger locks to arm bars.
  • Throws: Controlling the opponent by taking them off balance and getting them on the ground.
  • Grappling: Grappling and wrestling designed to restrain and incapacitate an opponent once the are on the ground – the end of most fights.
  • Weapon Defense: techniques to avoid, neutralise and disarm against common weapons such as clubs, knives and chains.

Check out more details about our Junior Japanese Ju-Jitsu program.

Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ella Grappling Tournaments Australia Brazilian Jiu-JitsuOur Juniors learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques through a combination of warm-ups, technique instruction, sparring and fun games (with a skill-based subtext) have the kids coming back for more.

Our Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes train essential skills and prepare our students for the competitions they participate in.  Our BJJ classes are also favorites of the students and augment the grappling skills learned in the Freestyle Japanese Ju-Jitsu classes.

BJJ is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique, taking the fight to the ground.

Junior BJJ at NMMA isn’t only about learning the skills, it’s also back bringing home the gold in competitions.

Check out more details about our Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program.

Kid’s Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing @ Northern Mixed Martial Arts, EppingAfter much demand, we have introduced two Kid’s Kickboxing sessions per week.

The initial focus with the kids will be around footwork, protection, fitness and stamina.

As they develop good practice in the initial learnings we will progress and round out the technique.

An excellent martial art in it’s own right, it complements the techniques we teach the students in the Junior Freestyle Ju-Jitsu classes and all comes together in the Mixed Martial Arts sparring that the students display during their gradings.

Check out more details about our Kid’s Kickboxing program.

Grading Progression.

Grading progression is a structured experience and skill based progression, with a pathway to senior belts when the time come to leave the Juniors.

Tap before it snaps

As well as being our NMMA Team Competition logoTeam Tonks, Northern Mixed martial Arts, NMMA, Epping, Northern Suburbs, Melbourne, a core part of our philosophy is to Tap before it Snaps.

Tapping-Out is a universal signal in Martial Arts of submission before serious physical injury occurs.

In training:

Training is not intended to end in physical injury. Keeping this philosophy at the top if the mind ensures that students avoid injury why allowing their partners to understand the techniques to the “pain point”.

In competition:

With Tap before in Snaps emblazoned on our GIs, it sends a clear message to our opponents – Submit Now!

In life:

A reminder to all of us that life can throw al kinds of physical, mental and emotional challenges at us – whatever the provocation, it is always best to send a clear signal before we snap.