Fees and Forms

Free 7 Day Trial

No Up-Front fees – all fees are paid via direct debt.

Fees are paid by students for full access to the sessions and facilities at Northern MMA during opening hours.

  • Mini-MMA – Access to all Mini-MMA sessions each week
  • Juniors – Access to all Junior’s sessions each week (BJJ & JJJ)
  • Seniors – Access to all Seniors sessions each week (BJJ, JJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, Sparring & Free Rolls)
  • Combat Bootcamp Group Fitness – per session

The new fee schedule and new Direct Debit company have taken effect as of July 10th 2015.

Mini-MMA: $25

Juniors (Primary School age): $45

Concession $ 55 (inc Secondary Students Year 7+)

Adult: $65

All New Fees Include all Costs (Debit Feed and Credit Card Fees)

Training Fees can now be paid in 3 ways:

  1. Per Fornight
  2. Per Quarter (Eg: School term)
  3. Per Year

Note: Students can only suspend feeds once per year for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Note: Prices and payment methods are subject to change. While all effort is taken to maintain these details, final fee structure will be provided on application.


See the full range of activities on our timetable!

Waiver Form

All participants at NMMA must first complete this waiver form. Feel free to print and complete it prior to arriving at NMMA.

NMMA F2F Waiver 2014


8 thoughts on “Fees and Forms

  1. Hi I am thinking about doing some mma, and was wondering how long does each class go for and how many times per week am I required to be there.

    • Hey Shamie, have a look at the timetable, it will give you and idea of how long each session runs for. Most people come for one and stay for more, but that’s up to you.

      Matt normally recommends at least 2 classes per week of which ever specific martial art you are interested in to maintain consistency and progress, but once again, it up to you. The old adage hold true here, “you get out what you put in.”

      Feel free to come on down and try us out, there is a 7 day free trial, or contact Matt directly for more information.

  2. Hey guys,

    I’m just enquiring about joining with yiu guys for me and a mate. Basically we have never done martial arts and unfit. Do you guys do a start off course or classes? We have our main interests would be kickboxing and JJJ and would like to move to Maui Thai later in training. So how do we go about coming down for a look or how does it work. Thank you mate I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey Zac,
      Don’t stress about fitness levels, we cater for all levels of fitness, all genders, and all martial arts levels – our classes are very mixed.

      They may be group classes, but the trainers will work with you at your individual level and encourage you to to push yourself to new levels.

      We don’t have beginners classes per se… the skills you learn as a white belt are just as relevant at black belt, you are assessed on all skills each time you grade white –> your grading level. At gradings members are encouraged to join in to challenge the graders, you may be a white belt assisting with a black belt grading.

      When you join us, you be paired up with people relevant for the activity, sometimes your level, sometimes another, but we all work together to improve. One of the great things about NMMA is being exposed to techniques and activities beyond your belt (group combat, weapons defense etc).

      You will find your fitness levels improve through any of the classes, but you can give it a kickstart by joining in on the bootcamp and kickboxing sessions.

      As for coming down to have a look, just come on down ready for training (tracksuit, tshirt & bottle of water will be enough to get you started) and you will be welcome on the mats. Never hurts to give Matt a call so he knows you are coming & to guide you for a good starting night.

      Remember it’s a free 7 day trial, so really the only thing you need to start off is to turn up.

  3. Thank you very much guys,

    I’ll have a look at the time table and come down early this week. Thank you very much for you help.

  4. Hi, could you explain how the cash passes are paid for? (10 for $200). Does that have to be via direct debit?
    thanks, Pauline

  5. hey guys !! I’m 16 nearly 17 and I was wondering if I do kick boxing would there be a possibility for me do compete as I used to to boxing until my gym shut down and I had competed a few times there.

    Thanks Adrian !

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