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Founder & Head Instructor - Sensei Matt TonkinUPDATED PAGE: Matt’s Profile

It’s right there under the About Section on our pages:


About NMMA: Over the last 5 years I have been very busy establishing one of the biggest, strongest and respected Martial Arts and Fitness club in the Northern Suburbs.

Northern Mixed Martial Arts and Fit2Fight has become the leaders in Martial Arts and Fitness in the area.

We run classes in Japanese Ju-Jitsu / M.M.A, Muay Thai Kickboxing / Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Submission Wresting.

We also run Bootcamps, Group Fitness and Personal Training sessions and in the near future we will be running women only Self Defence and Fitness Classes

Tournaments: We compete in all the major competitions locally and nationally in BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing and M.M.A.

Some of the tournaments we compete in are:

  • The BJJ Pan Pacific Championships were l took 2nd & 4th in the country
  • GTA Invitational’s where nearly all my students that competed won medals
  • The Affiliate BJJ club competitions which I mainly ref in.

Pro / Am Kickboxing and MMA comps and shows around the state and national like:

  • The A.F.C (where I have 2 students fighting at a world level)
  • Sting Promotion
  • George Kolovos Friday night fights
  • The Nick Lundh Shows where many of my students start their careers

Seminars: With all the overseas talent we have had instructors to the gym to run seminars in all styles of martial arts:

  • BJJ / Wrestling: Caio Terra 6 time’s world Champion. Alexandre Xande Ribeiro 6 time’s world Champion. Jean Jacques Machado Hall of Fame and youngest Black / Red Belt in the world
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing: We have had great fighters from Thailand and Australia such as Zig Zach from contender Asia.  Thai Champ Neungpichit Sityodtong with over 250 fights. Matt Reid from Shepparton where my Coach Ross has had 2 Pro fights and won both.  And even the great Richard Norton doing his black belt complex techniques and Muay Thai.
  • Ju-Jitsu / M.M.A: Gustavo Falciroli is the reigning Cage Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion. He is one of the best mixed martial arts fighters in Australia, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Cup Champion and is one of the instructor that graded me in BJJ.

My Training: When it come to my training, my week goes like this:

  • I’m at NMMA for around 40 hours a week doing everything from Pt session and Bootcamps in the mornings, day class for students that work shift work and then the night consist of 5 hours of teaching and training from kids classes, senior classes and training the fighters for upcoming events.
  • This only leaves me a few spots during the week to train for myself.
  • I go to BJJ training at Ninos Dojo for a Pt session and a group class once or twice a week.
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing l’m lucky my coach trains and teaches at the Dojo once a week.
  • Finally if it all works out ok l will be back with you Tuesday night to train, teach and help when I can at your Dojo.


At the age of 12, I started my martial arts journey. My first introduction into the world of martial arts was karate at a school holiday programme. There was an instructor there that took us through some kicking and punching drill.

I soon found that this was not the path for me. The first style I took seriously was tae kwon-do. I was about 14 and loved it, I continued this style until I passed my junior black belt. I was 17 at that time. Then the club went through some changes and I left wasn’t happy but I needed a change.

Then I went on a martial arts rampage. I tried everything such as wing chun kung fu (at the famous William Chuing), judo, aikido, kick boxing and boxing (at Fitzroy all stars under Stan the man) and karate again.

Then in 1993, my best friend Marcos rang and invited me to try a style called Ju–Jitsu. I didn’t know what it was, but I went anyway. When we arrived, I met the instructor Sensei Michael Pezzimenti and the class of about 15 students. The club was called combat Ju–Jitsu academy. Within two weeks I had joined up, watched a grading day and seen the demo team in action.

This was the style of martial arts I was looking for. This style of martial arts suited me so much that I started coming to the junior classes, so Sensei Mick as we called him asked,

“Do you want to help me teach?”

How could I say no! That’s how I got started.

Team Tonks, Northern Mixed martial Arts, NMMA, Epping, Northern Suburbs, Melbourne


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